our team


Ralph Govea

Lead Pastor

If you were to take Nu-Metal music, drop it in a blender with theology, 80’s movie references and over use of the term “bro” you have our lead pastor. You’re not sure how these things go together but somehow it works. A Southern California native into heavy music, heavy weights, cigars, and the Word. He loves his wife, kids (Jacob, Sara, Silas) and their dogs Cash and June, oh and tats. Ralph is a licensed minister with the Foursquare denomination, a graduate from Cottonwood School of Ministry and attended King’s College & Seminary in Van Nuys Ca.


Heather Govea

Co-Lead Pastor

Heather is a combo of the DIY network and executive board meetings that devolve into dog shows and a baking session. She can do it all, has it all but just doesn’t remember where she saw it last, most likely hidden by their youngest Silas. Graduated from Cottonwood School of Ministry, she also holds a degree in Animal Science from Cal Poly Pomona so we know she is good with people.


Jeremy “JJ” Marshall

Worship Leader

JJ is what happens when reps meet tearful worship so that means he can bench two regular worship leaders without breaking a sweat. This Texas native is jacked up on theology and looking to lift the broken before God’s presence.

Ruthy Marshall

Children’s Minister

Ruthy is all about the gains, meal prep and grams of patience in serving, most of which is derived by her marriage to JJ. They are foster parents to four beautiful children and are fulfilling God’s plan for their lives with open hearts and home. Ruthy hails from the East Coast but has acquired a southern hospitality that kids love and respond to.

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