Mark your calendars and come check out our monthly preview services! Take a look around and see what a Real People, Real Jesus and Real Life community looks like here in Hudson Bend! Our story and ministry are shaping up and maybe it includes you! Join us for worship, breakfast tacos and make some new friends!


Sundays @ 7:00 pm

Freddy Powers Pavilion
5222 Hudson Bend Rd
Austin TX 78734

Life Groups

Do you like to meet new and interesting people? Join a Life Group! Life Groups are a real way to connect with the folks you try not to bump into during worship at church. We meet in homes, coffee shops, a garage, or wherever we can find communion with God and each other. Stay tuned here for Life Group happenings and schedules for one near you!!!


Two are better than one, when facing the fire, in a fight or needing a hand to get back on your feet, those around us matter more than we think.

Join us for a life group (bible study) on the value of godly friendships, what they look like and how they happen. We’ve got breakfast and coffee covered, bring a friend or come and make some new ones!

Sundays 3/3-3/17
@11am in the Clubhouse (Section A)
*see map provided

La Hacienda RV Resort
5222 Hudson Bend Rd
Austin TX 78734

Do you neighbor well? Join us as we practice the lost art of neighboring with Laundry Love! What’s Laundry Love? We adopt a laundromat once a month for an hour and a half, and pay for people’s laundry no strings attached. Just bring $20 and a smile, the love of Jesus will do the rest!

When: 4th Saturday of every month
Where: Lake Travis Laundry
5000 Hudson Bend Rd
Austin TX 78734
Time: 2-3:30pm

Serve with Us

Once a month we host a leadership gathering that is open to the whole church. We study leadership from a biblical perspective and hear from a variety of speakers(executives, pastors, leaders in our community). This is an entry point to serve in any capacity of the church and our ministry leaders will be available to announce needs and opportunities in various ministries.


Our “Members Only Brunch” is a RSVP only event for people who want to know more about getting involved and are looking to make Restoration Church their home. The setting is casual, you’ll have personal time with the pastors and hear about our vision, the future and all this over some awesome eats! To learn more, click here


Baptisms are quarterly, which leaves plenty of time to invite friends and family. This is a time of celebration for the church, but more importantly a time of personal proclamation and obedience to the command of Jesus. It’s a big deal, so we go big on days like that! Food, music and everything that would celebrate the moment you went all in for Jesus!


We share communion the first service of every month. We reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice through a brief devotion from scripture and eat/drink the elements as a family. This is a time for repentance, renewal and healing.

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